Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kellie Pickler And Taylor Swift Make It Brad Paisley’s Pranks, Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour

Swift: “We were kicking around the idea of going into Target dressed as ticks to help Brad out in his first week of album sales. You know to be supportive as his opening acts. But we called stores and asked if we could film it and they said no. It would have been hilarious if we got turned away at a Target, but that wasn't the case. Don't underestimate our pranking abilities!” says Taylor with a grin. “That's where Brad went wrong! At Kellie's hometown show last week in Charlotte, she came out onstage during Brad's acoustic set in overalls and pigtails. She had a bunch of live chickens backstage and proceeded to carry them out and place them on the floor right next to Brad's chair. She brought about six out and leaned over and said into his microphone ‘Welcome to North Carolina, Brad.’ I was in the front row in a wig and ‘Billy-Bob’ teeth screaming ‘I LOVE YOU KELLIE PICKLER!!’. It was about the funniest thing I've seen since our last prank.”

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Buzz Jackson said...

If I were Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler or Jack Ingram, I'd be worried... they're 2-and-0 in the prank war with Brad, and it's only a matter of time before they get it back from Brad. Look out, guys!

Here's the first prank (the opening acts dressed as ticks and an exterminator) that Taylor's talking about. And here's the second one (Kellie dropping chickens in front of Brad).