Thursday, July 12, 2007

For Women, Radio Is Pretty Much A 10-15% Business

When Edie Hilliard talks, I listen. After all, she's not only a personal friend and mentor of mine, she is one of the first women to break into radio management in the mid-70’s, having spent the first part of her career on the station side, in marketing, sales, sales management and general management at Seattle radio stations. Since the late 80’s she has been one of the consistently most influental women in radio, a mover and shaker in radio syndication.

Please click here and read her latest annual update on the status of women in radio. She concludes after supporting this with impressive (or is that depressive?) stats:
"Women are not well-represented at any level in the radio business, in ownership, in the executive suite, in management, in programming, or on the air. The vast majority of players in the industry—those who own or occupy the executive suite, those who decide the formats, hire the staff and talent, plan and produce the programming, and those behind the mics--are men."

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