Monday, July 23, 2007

Trisha, Taylor, Jack Ingram, Jimmy Wayne Updates

From John Zarling's "Big Machine Weekly Report:"

Trisha Yearwood is back on the radio with her new single “Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love”, her first release on Big Machine. And the owner of 10 #1 hits says its important to keep things fresh: “After making records for 16 years, you are no longer the new girl on the block, and you have to find new ways to be creative,” observes Trisha. “This whole album has been completed in a month. I’ve never made a record this quickly since the first album. And it feels a lot like the first time. There’s all this new energy and excitement and everything’s just falling into place.” Things have fallen into place so much so that the album will make the planned November 13th release date.

Taylor Swift opened a series of shows last week for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their record-breaking Soul 2 Soul II Tour, and after the first show in New Jersey, Taylor found a pleasant surprise backstage. “I went back to my dressing room and found these two boxes in wrapping paper and a note from Tim and Faith!” writes Taylor on her MySpace blog. “In one of the boxes was a candle that smells unbelievable, and in the other one was this Juicy Couture charm bracelet that I'm never taking off for the rest of my life. I can't believe how sweet that was of them…Faith is so nice. Like, think of it this way: as beautiful as she is, she is THAT nice.” Taylor has wrapped her run of dates with the power couple; she was back on the road this weekend with Brad Paisley’s Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour.

The Many Uses Of Duct Tape: Over the past two years, as Jack Ingram has been taking his new music to fans from coast to coast, one thing is always with him: his favorite pair of black cowboy boots. This weekend in Raleigh, for Brad Paisley’s Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour, the boots sported two holes in the soles. “On Friday, I was wandering around the venue and wondering why my socks were getting soggy, and I realized that the soles of my boots had worn down to nothing,” recalls 2006’s most-played new country artist. “You know, my label has been working me pretty hard the last two years and these boots have seen a lot of miles. I don’t see anytime soon that I will have time to get the boots re-soled, so I just figured I’d grab some duct tape from the production guys and wrap them up. Hey, the tape is black anyway, so most people haven’t noticed!” But for fans that do indeed notice the duct tape during future meet and greets, Jack has this to say: “I wear a size 14 boot, double-D, with a pointed toe, so if anyone finds any cool boots and wants to bring them to the show, I think I can put them to good use!” he notes with a grin.

Jimmy Wayne played at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville on Saturday, July 14th. The show was available for fans to watch on virtual network website Second Life. This show also featured Billy Kirsch (co-writer of "Stay Gone") Tony Haselden, and Bob Regan. We're not sure if this is coincidence or not, but Jimmy offered up a special CD and photo gift pack to the highest tipper of the evening and one of the waitresses received a $400 tip! We know that Jimmy's music has been known to do amazing things to people, but after Jimmy's performance of his hit song "I Love You This Much", one of the show's attendees required medical attention! Fortunately, a former doctor, who is now a songwriter, was in the house.

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