Friday, November 17, 2006

Vince Gill Waltzes With "The Tennessee Waltz" Performer, Remembers Buck Owens

It's been an eventful week on the west coast for Vince Gill.

While on tour in Escondido, CA (San Diego area) a concert goer shares this story: "Between songs, Vince mentioned that he always includes a waltz on his records because his mom taught him to waltz. Then he thought of Patti Page, who lives here in San Diego. He said he looked her up and asked if she would sing with him. As she made her way up to the stage, he said "You know, it just dawned on me that it was Miss Patti's music that my mom taught me to dance to." They made it through very little of the song as Vince began to get choked up, so he grabbed her and danced with her. When they finished, he said "That is a moment I will remember the rest of my life."

At the next stop in Bakersfield, Vince was presented with a gift from the late
Buck Owens. In 1991,Vince was playing a show in the Bakersfield area and Buck had presented Vince with a red, white and blue acoustic guitar. It was a stock guitar, and Buck was so impressed with Vince's playing that he wanted Vince to have one of his vintage '64 Gibson red white and blue guitars. Buck had a gold plaque inscribed with the following: "To Vince, I finally got it right! A fan, Buck Owens" and attached it to the guitar, but the guitar never made its way to Vince. It was discovered just recently and delivered to its intended recipient nearly 15 years later.

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