Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tanya's Dad Dies, But "The Show Must Go On"

(Photo courtesy of Tanya Tucker) Boe Tucker, a country music manager who was the guiding force in his daughter Tanya Tucker's career, died Thursday of lung cancer. He was 79.

"Boe was driven and committed to Tanya and contributed greatly to her career," said Bill Carter, who managed Tanya during the 1970s. "Especially when she was young, he traveled with her, was there with her all the time, and made it possible for a 13-year-old to have a career.

The 48-year old Tanya was in Nashville on Friday, where she decided to fulfill her obligation to perform in Reno, Nev., this weekend. "He would want her to work," said her publicist/assistant, Laura Lacy. "He would want her to go ahead and do what she needed to do. This has been the dynamic for 40 years. It was so much about work and the management relationship they had. Although it was father and daughter, it was a lot about business, too."

Other celebrity news from Sunday's Nashville paper: Vogue magazine's December cover girl Nicole Kidman says of Nashville, "This is my home now. This is the most time I've spent anywhere in years. I wanted to be earthed, and I didn't feel earthed for so long, maybe not since I was a child. It feels like I can feel my skin. "I don't feel like I'm floating around, which was how it had been for many years, probably because I wasn't that happy. So now it's the first time that I'm sort of breathing in everything and saying," she says, gasping for illustration. "I feel such gratitude for being alive, rather than just taking that for granted."

In the interview conducted before her husband, Keith Urban, entered rehab, she says that she's reduced her professional engagements, working only three months this year.

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