Monday, November 06, 2006

TK Is Part Of Ford's Younger Demo Strategy

Boston Globe writer Chris Reidy:
When Ford executives looked to launch its "Bold Moves" campaign last spring, they explored many musical options, including licensing an old hit and listening to demo tapes of unreleased songs. Ford selected an unreleased song, "Go," co written by the first "American Idol" winner, Kelly Clarkson , because it fit the mood and tempo the automaker wanted, said Curt Jaksen of JWT Detroit , an ad agency that creates ads for Ford. To date, fans who want the song can only obtain it legally by downloading it from a Ford-sponsored website, Not only does Toby Keith sing and appear in current Ford truck ads, but he sometimes uses a Ford pickup as a prop during concerts. Keith is the third generation of his family to own a Ford, and he'd be recommending them even if he wasn't famous, said his manager, T.K. Kimbrell. When it's time to create music for new ads, something he's been doing for several years, Ford or JWT Detroit approaches him and says, " 'We need a piece of music that makes these points.' Working with Toby, he nails it every time," Jaksen said.

Read his entire article at: Seeking to attract consumers for whom simple jingles scream 'old fogey,' Madison Avenue is reaching out to artists for original songs. And the beleaguered recording industry is all ears.

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