Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hot: Dancing With The Stars, Voting. Not: Joey Lawrence, Political Ads

BIGresearch knew Joey Lawrence was going to get the boot…only 5.3% of respondents favored the Blossom alum in Dancing with the Stars, while Emmitt Smith and Mario Lopez are neck-and-neck with 13.7% and 13.4%, respectively. So who’s got the best shot at the title? If it’s up to women it’ll be Lopez, while men have joined Smith’s team.

Although it meant tuning out endless acerbic political campaign ads, 58.9% contend that voting in the recent elections was What’s Hot for November.

Thanksgiving Day parades and Google’s new toy,, also ranked high among consumers. It appears that young men are more excited about the impending release of the PlayStation 3 instead of the Nintendo Wii, 74.1% to 56.8%. Among women, they’ve got cashmere sweaters on their wish lists and Ugly Betty on their TV sets. What’s Not…007 or 00-Dud? It appears that audiences are hesitant accept new blond Bond Daniel Craig.

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