Friday, November 24, 2006

Dallas Morning News Reviewer Likes Carrie At Halftime, But Pans Her LP

Mario Tarradell wrote "Clarkson, Underwood also come off the field as winners.." but then dipped his pen into some poison:
"As for Ms. Underwood – she of the fresh face, tuneful if unremarkable voice and array of pop-heavy songs passed off as country – her stage stint was actually decent. Considering she was on for a mere six minutes and there was so much sensory overload around her – the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dancing, a few male dancers in black cowboy hats, some Cirque du Soleil-style trapeze acrobats and plenty of splashy pyrotechnics – she held her own. Her performance of two songs, "We're Young and Beautiful" and "Before He Cheats," from her debut album, Some Hearts, seemed more relaxed and on-cue than her off-the-mark forgettable time on the platform earlier this month during the Country Music Association Awards. It helped that she closed with "Before He Cheats," the only cut deserving of a second listen on her otherwise lame disc. Also, Ms. Underwood looked kind of hip in knee-high white boots, jeans, a glittery tank top and hoop earrings. For a brief spell, she sure was pleasant enough ear and eye candy."

Our pal Neil Haislop watched the show with more supportive eyes after getting a Carrie quote earlier in the week:
"This year at Thanksgiving I'm not going home and I swore this year I was going home, but then they wanted me to sing at the halftime show at the Dallas-Buccaneers game in Dallas. And I was like, 'Yeah, for sure' because it's such a Thanksgiving tradition especially around Oklahoma watching the Dallas game on TV, so I was very excited to be doing that, so I have a lotto be Thankful for this year," said Carrie as she prepared to leave for Dallas Tuesday. CARRIE was center stage as Cirque du Soleil-style acrobats dangled from therafters of Texas Stadium as the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders provided the sexy, chorus line dance action. Carrie rocked as she climbed and descendedbig staircases on the set, singing with the confidence and style of aperformer with three times the experience she has so far."

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