Friday, June 09, 2006

Win An Award For Your Best Bits

As an extension of Morning Show Boot Camp's highly popular "Battle of The Bits," where attendees battle for prizes with ideas, Morning Show Boot Camp presents its 2nd Annual MSBC Entertainment Awards.

It's set for Saturday, August 12th, the last day and event of the weekend. Competition is not limited to those in attendance, and material must be submitted prior to the conference.


• Best Parody
• Best Regular Feature
• Best Recurring Character
• Best Interview
• Best Promotion (fund-raiser, charity-drive, etc.)
• Best Show Promo / Imaging Production
• Best "Free" Publicity (How you made the news) must include supporting video or news print.
• Best Stunt (Stunt person feature)• Best Bit (Phoners accepted)• Best Overall Content (single aircheck containing at least five of the above categories)

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