Friday, June 09, 2006

(Still More) CMA Festival Stuff

-- If you're sitting in a grass hut on Fiji, craving CMA Music Festival news from Nashville, a few crumbs....

Dierks Bentley signed for 5 hours after his fan club party last night.

Kimberly from Little Big Town is sporting a big ole bruise from where she took a softball in the arm playing first base at the celebrity softball game.

Mark Wills reveals that Equity Records has moved off his new single -- some radio stations wouldn't play it because it contains the word "sucks."

Pat Green is looking very fit and trim... he's working out a couple of hours a day and eating fewer cheeseburgers.

Colliseum show press show press conference: Not surprisingly... Blake Shelton didn't come back and do media... (Fans say stars aren't as accessible as before)

(as the above item shows, Country Nation is a sassy, candid site, well worth bookmarking and checking out at least daily!)

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