Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Magic 104 Out To Save Mr. Dressup

Tony Smith and Shelli Summers sent this email to their listeners Upset by the news on Wednesday that The CBC is cancelling Mr. Dressup, Tony Smith and Shelli Summers of Magic 104 in Moncton went to listeners with the story. Well, to say that the reaction was overwhelming would be an understatement... Maritimers from three provinces had called into the show by the time things were said and done at 9 o'clock. Buoyed by the support from their loyal listeners The Magic Morning Show have started a petition to save Mr. Dressup...

Thanks to Maritime Radio's VP/Programming Mike Shannon in Halifax for alerting A&O and adding this update: "Tony and Shelli are now working on how to deliver the petition...should they get the cooperation of a K-2 class to help them deliver it in person? Have a parade of teachers carrying hand made puppets? The possibilities are endless!"

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