Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No Change In % Of Women PD's In Ten Years?

It's still hard to find women Program Directors at American radio stations, according to the latest Gender Analysis Summary released by the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio group (MIWs).

In fact, in late 2005, according to information provided to the MIWs from MStreet Publications, women were programming only 1107 radio stations or 10.6% of the 10,449 stations listed in the MStreet database. The ratio is even lower for the 123 groups which own 12 or more stations: women program only 437 or 9% of those 4877 stations. In the top 100 markets, women program 208 or 8.8% of 2360 stations.

"Really, since 1995, the percentage of female Program Directors has basically remained flat at an underwhelming 8 to 10% of total PDs," commented Joan E. Gerberding, Director of Radio Operations for Access. 1 Communications and Spokesperson for the MIWs. "With over 50% of all radio station formats skewing to female listeners, we really can't understand why more women are not encouraged to fill the PD role."

Among groups owning 12 or more stations, there were only 305 female PDs or 10% of the 3061 PD total, compared to 300 or 9.7% in 2004.

In the six largest groups, owning 100 or more stations, only Infinity with 11% exceeds the average for women PDs. Clear Channel is the only group to show an increase from 2004, from 9% to 10% in 2005. Entercom is at the average of 10%. Below average are Cumulus with 7%, down from 8% in 2004, Citadel at 5%, down from 7% in 2004 and Salem at 4%, the same as 2004.Among the eight groups owning 50 to 99 stations, five groups exceed the average by substantial margins: Entravision leads the pack with 30%, up from 18% in 2004, followed by ABC with 19%, Radio One with 15%, Saga with 14% and NextMedia at 12%. Below average are Univision at 9%, Cox at 7% and Regent at 6%.

Eighteen groups owning 30 to 49 stations average 9%, the same as last year. The groups with the best ratios are: Bonneville at 29%, up from 17% in 2004, Crawford at 29% and Max Broadcast Group at 20%. Two companies with a total of 75 stations, Three Eagles and Qantum Communications, list no women PDs. Eight others list 6% or less."There seems to be a 'sweet spot' somewhere around the ownership of 30 to 99 stations," continued Gerberding. "They are generally smaller markets, are highly involved in their local communities and have more hands-on senior leadership."

Eighty-nine groups owning 12 to 29 stations averaged 11.8% women PDs, up from 11.5% last year. A total of 37 groups owning 12 or more stations or a total of 635, list no women PDs. The largest of these are: Three Eagles, Qantum, Backyard, NewRadio, Amador Bustos, Border Media, Simmons and Maverick.

A personal note: two of that list of eight DO hire a woman consultant - ME. -- Jaye Albright

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