Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Military Advice: Don't Give Aid And Comfort To The Enemy

I just hate it when I see a competitive battle take on the tone portrayed by Denver Post Columnist Dick Kreck in "A country shootout heats up in this dusty cowtown."

You didn't ask, but here's what I would have done if I were in Burke's shoes: study your enemy and learn everything you can about him, but never let him know that you are paying any attention to him. I love it when my competition starts talking in public about me. It fuels my competitive juices.

Listeners love that they have a new choice. They won't be loyal to you because of past history. Win by attacking yourself. Let your listeners know that you need their help to make your station better for their tastes. Engage your audience in a dialog, not your competition.

I've never been able to play mind games with my adversary without getting my mental energy off track and distracted in my focus on what really matters. Maybe you can. But, for me, the best play has always been to "never let 'em see you sweat."

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