Saturday, June 17, 2006

LIVE Lobsters Are Unethical, But DEAD Ones Are OK?

Los Angeles Times: Whole Foods to End Sales of Live Lobsters and Crabs
Dallas Business Journal: Whole Foods stops selling live lobsters
New York Daily News: Whole Foods won't sell live lobsters

Can you top this? "Just like "The Jeffersons," the live lobsters at a Whole Foods Market in Atlanta are movin' on up." -- New York Times' Brenda Goodman

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Tom Webster said...

Wow. I grew up on the coast of Maine, and have been around lobsters my entire life. You sure as hell don't want to eat a lobster found dead. For the squeamish, it helps to know exactly what a lobster is--check out the family tree. Reckon any Whole Foods employees have ever treated one of its cousins "inhumanely?" I sure hope so--or I won't buy my produce there, either!