Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reba, Toby, The Dixie Chicks.. Who's Picking A Fight With Whom?

Nashville Tennessean columnist Brad Schmidt ruminates about the Chicks on Larry King Live and proves once again that a little sense of humor in the Dixie Chick camp would have been helpful in the last couple months. I laughed at Reba's ACM line, the lone mention of what I thought was otherwise the elephant in the room during the awards show. However, some folks (including the Chicks) heard it as a 'slam':
Chick: 'It hurt because I was a huge Reba fan growing up' One more thing on the mini-feud between Reba McEntire and the Dixie Chicks, courtesy of the Chicks' appearance Wednesday on CNN's "Larry King Live." The Chicks' Martie Maguire was asked to talk about Reba and Toby Keith, another country singer with whom the Chicks feuded. "Reba and Toby were two people that went out of their way to bash us, when we were under so much fire, so it hurt, because I was a huge Reba fan growing up, and I still am," she said. "It was personal for me, when I felt like she went out of the way to say negative things about us." No response yet from the Reba camp.

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MO said...

I'm not sure any of this will get resolved if both sides continue to communicate through the media...