Friday, June 16, 2006


BIG Executive Briefing: Economic & Consumer Insights

Although it’s too early to tell how the death of al-Zarqawi and Bush’s decision to stay the course and keep troops in Iraq affected consumers, in June confidence in the economy declined for the third straight month to 36.1%, an almost 3 point decline from May (38.7%) and a ten point drop from 2005 (46.3%).

But is the dip in confidence entirely attributable to the situation overseas? Fewer than one in five (18.8%) say they’ve been worrying more about political and national security issues, which is even with May (18.9%) and a few points higher than ’05 (16.0%).

With the arrival of summer this month, consumers may be seeking value priced alternatives for warm weather fun…practicality in purchasing has lowered just over a point from last month (40.9%) to 39.5%, but represents an increase of two and a half points from last year (37.1%).

And further evidence that consumers will be cinching their wallets…about half (49.4%) say they’ve been focused on needs over wants, even with May and an almost five point increase from ’05 (45.0%).

OK, Here's What You Really Want To Know: What's Hot?
Although surrounded in controversy, the majority (54.3%) agree that Tom Hanks-Ron Howard helmed DaVinci Code is one cryptogram worth cracking, followed closely by hot-hot-hot ABC hit Grey’s Anatomy. Those 18-34 also give wedge heels their seal of approval, while the 35 and over crowd favor animal prints, hobo handbags, and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.

What’s not?
86% agree that Barbara Walters should use her wedge heels to kick new co-host Rosie O’Donnell off The View.

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