Friday, June 23, 2006

How To Launch A New Morning Show, Denver Edition

A few weeks ago,
FX101.9, Halifax's Pete Montana capped a trans-continental drive with reports along the way from all across Canada. A decade ago, 93.9 KZLA, L-A PD R.J. Curtis claimed that a couple Sparkletts water bottle delivery guys just accidentally stumbled into an empty studio and turned the mic on. It always works, it seems. Listeners buy into the fun and the press bites on the bait for fun and profit.

Almost a month ago, radio listeners in Wisconsin knew who
Willie 92.5's morning team would be (WNCY's Shannon, James heading to Denver), but you'd think no one in Denver has Google or something now that two guys are living in an RV outside the CBS Radio station's studios. Why, what do you know? A listener even sent in a video of the pair! Summertime, when the radio stunts go outside!

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