Thursday, June 15, 2006

MSN Has The Dixie Chicks Live In London

If you missed the show live on Thursday night or want to watch selections of this Webcast again,
come back Sunday the 17th at 9 PM PST.

The Chicks are performing in London as part of the promotional activities behind the international release of their new album, “Taking the Long Way.” MSN broadcast the 90-minute performance.

This sold-out concert is taking place at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, the so-called "scene of the crime" of lead singer Natalie Maines’ infamous quotes regarding President Bush in 2003. This is the group’s first ever concert Webcast and part of their partnership with MSN Video to provide an exclusive, more detailed and intimate glimpse into their world.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the live cast of the concert in London. It was great! Part of me expected the women to be bold and brazen in their comments, but I don't think they say the things they do for shock value, unlike some others. They speak their minds and that is wonderful, they just have better things to talk about than a president who has the lowest approval ratings in the history of American Presidents. Given there was one comment, but I live in Texas and God knows I feel the same way! The most important thing I took from the concert was, those ladies are great musicians. Not only are they talented, they spread a message of hope and couldn't we use a little more of that around the world?