Monday, June 19, 2006

A Guide To Recognizing The Real Hits On The Chart

Longtime record promoter Sam Harrell of Woodland Hills, CA., wrote the other day in support of a tune he's working right now, but also included some fascinating factoids about the 6/15/06 R&R chart:
1. It's been some time since a # 1 record has gone 5-4-3-2-1 in 5 weeks like LeAnn Rimes' "Something's Gotta Give" did. It shows that it was earned and not through attrition to the top. (I'd add one more sign - the fact that in the two chart weeks since then it remains top ten (trending 2-5-8) in this week's Billboard chart as well, not plummeting after peaking as many seem to do of late)

2. With the exception of # 40 Shedaisy, nothing from 41 to 50 had more than 3 adds in fact 5 of 10 had 0 adds and 1 had 1 add.

3. 5 of the 10 songs between 40 and 50 have been in that portion of the chart for at least 5 weeks. 4 of the 10 between 30 and 40 have been in that portion for 5 weeks.

You have to pity the poor hosts of country countdown shows who must be wondering who bothers to listen to anything but the last two hours of the countdowns. That's where the bonafide hits reside. (and, many weeks, not even all 20 of those)

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