Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weather (Or Not?)

Everyone has a smart phone, so why bother with time checks and weather forecasts?

Sure, we can all hit the screen of our mobile device and get the entire week's forecast.  Yes, it can be set like an alarm clock and it has the time, day and date right there.

So, you should stop doing those things on the radio?

If you do, you simply communicate to your listener that the things they "need" each morning aren't important to you.

Yes, I know it gets harder since "double time sells" (7-10, 10 after 7) probably don't make any sense today.

And, telling me the obvious (clouds today, cloudy tonight, most cloudy tomorrow, considerable clouds tomorrow night) is just a waste of my time.

The basics still apply, but the way you do them, who does them and how can't be as rote and repetitive back when radio was the only source.

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