Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saying Farewell To One Of The Best

I have loved Lee Rogers for more than three decades.

From Seattle to Billings, San Diego, Minneapolis, Jacksonville, Portland and other radio markets he enriched hundreds of thousands of lives. He knew how to entertain, but more than that he gave everything he had to his audiences and communities. He made Wapato very, very proud by living life to the full every day.

So, when I was visiting him a couple years ago, I went with him to the Phoenix VA Hospital to wait with him during his appointment.  He spotted this guitar in the lobby and jumped at having his photo with it.

Lee loved guitars, nightclubs, country music, radio, family and his many, many friends with myriad associations from each of those things.  To say that he was bigger than life and a people person would be gross understatements.

I learned this morning that, after two more debilitating strokes in just the last few days, the guy who told the crowd that he'd take a bullet for me as he was being enshrined into the 2011 Country Radio Hall Of Fame class left us today at the age of 67.

Lives are better for having known Lynn "Lee" Rogers!

I count myself as richer for having been one who is proof of that.

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Becky Brenner said...

So eloquently put Jaye and so, So True! I count myself as one of the lucky ones!