Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Steal This. I Did.

The A&O&B team has learned a lot through our twenty year relationship with what is now called McVay/Cook.

An example of the long-lasting wisdom we took from their winning adult contemporary playbook and have long applied to the country format is this amazing form:

At first, it was designed to be the teaching tool for news people on the priorities for keeping information relatable to the all female target at a time when most radio news was "old news" in story selection, writing style, verbiage and presentation.

Today, it is even more essential -- to evaluate every bit of content being considered for on air, listener database emails, social content, personality blogs and station websites!

Go ahead.  Feel free to steal it, with enduring thanks to programming genius Mike McVay and an assurance that there's a lot more A&O&B programming tools -- we have created ourselves, borrowed and taken from the clients and associates we admire -- where it comes from.

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