Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shhh.. Don’t Tell Your Social Media Followers This

1,  The interactions are for the benefit of your radio audience.  Your listener must feel as if they are a part of the online conversation.

2.  Encourage the listener to speak to you on their preferred social platform, telling their stories.  Their followers and friends don’t want to hear their friend interrupted by a radio personality.  Respond, react, support, engage.  They’ll like you if you add relevant content which moves them emotionally.  Your goal is not to impress them, it’s to get them to listen to the radio, go to your blog, your station website and sign up for your email newsletter.

3.  If someone shares something entertaining, message them and ask for their phone number so you can contact them and get them to get that story so you can record it, edit out all the extraneous chatter.  Don't forget that you're in radio, not social media, as your primary job.  You don’t want listeners to your show to get bored with “hello, how are you, thanks for giving me your phone number, etc.

4.  Edit laughs, team reactions and signs into and out of bits recorded perviously.  It’s even OK to cut a good laugh or clever rejoiner from one listener and cut it into one from another listeners as long as it flows well and sounds “live.” 

Social is a tool. It’s there to add immediacy and localism to your audio performance where the majority of your audience experiences you and the better your final product, the higher your usage and memorability (ratings) will be.

And, be sure to "friend" and "follow" me, so I can see how well you do it all.

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Dave Meyers said...

Jaye, I'm going to reread this latest post everyday until it's drilled into my brain. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm working at a station where the phones WILL NOT ring. They say it's always been that way in the afternoons, so I'm doing a lot of set up calls, and using social media quite a bit to drum up conversation. This latest topic is right up my ally. THANK YOU.