Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Father's Day

106.5 CTQ/Sarasota's Maverick Johnson shares a little magic for this weekend, a reminder of the power we all have to impact one another positively:

"I lost my Dad on July 26, 2011... I have always lived my life on the radio. No greater test of that, than in discussing losing my Dad with my audience.  Well, Fast Forward... At the end of yesterday's show, I received a call from a Woman who has listened to me for years. Why was she calling? She wanted my advice. She just lost her Dad 2 weeks ago. She wanted to know how I felt and what to do, on her first Father's Day, without her Dad.... I was stunned.. She remembered me talking about losing my Dad. She wanted my advice.   So this morning, I told the story of her call and her questions. I gave my simple advice and how I have coped with my loss, and then I opened up the phones. It was a great show.... Tears in my eyes for a good part of it (mind you).

"Jaye, I received several emails about this morning's Father's Day topic... This one (below) choked me up the most... So, I thought I would share... "

To: Johnson, Maverick
Subject: Father's Day

Just heard you talking about Father's Day on the radio and brought me to tears.  My son lost his dad 4 years ago when he was just 6 years old.  I can remember picking him up on his last day of school not knowing how to tell him his dad was gone.  Two weeks later, it was Father's Day.  We went to the cemetery to take flowers.  On the way home, I went to McDonald's to get him a cheeseburger.  He sat there so quiet just looking at his cheeseburger.  I asked "What's wrong Jordan?"  He said "Daddy always ate my pickles."  Then he asked "Do you think they give daddy pickles in heaven?"  I said "I'm sure he gets all the pickles he wants."  So now every father's day its a trip to see his dad and a cheeseburger after.  I know its such a little thing but it means so much to my son.

Thank You

To:  Lori
From: Mav

"Hi Lori, Thank you so much for listening. I truly appreciate you taking the time to email me and your kind words.  I must say, Your story brought me to tears.... What a special thing for you and your son... Next time I go to McDonalds, I'm ordering extra pickles... just for Jordan and his Daddy!  God Bless and please Have a Great Day this Sunday!

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