Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey, I Have An Idea: Let's All Run Nashville-Based Morning Shows!

... And, Blair makes five: (click to hear Radio Ink's interview with Garner)

Premiere and Cumulus are awaiting your call.  They each have two of them.

Before you pick up the phone, a bit of history, thanks to the lengthy career of the amazing Gerry House who was syndicated by Premiere in 1993.

The show initially attracted an impressive list of large markets, but lasted in syndication for less than a year.

Two theories, since the show was, as usual for The House Foundation, filled with budding stars and Gerry's amazing creativity and humor:
  1. A February Nashville ice storm paralyzed the city and there were limited opportunities to talk about it as much as the local, live competition did in real time.  That Winter book was down for WSIX after a very long reign at the top of the rankers for House.  After refocusing on the local community only, Gerry House and his team were back at #1 the next book.
  2. Affiliate station ratings were also disappointing, and many stations that cleared it (I happened to work with Denver's at the time) reported that their listeners didn't understand the Music City-centric content, choosing instead to listen to the local, live country station which had more to do with their values and info needs.
Maybe things are different now?  What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for today's blog!
I think there are many readers with comments, but sharing them publicly might be a bit 'difficult.'

Sadly, if all ownership continues this race to the bottom, there will be nothing left locally to even measure it against.

Anonymous said...

The lineup of talent is certainly a talented bunch of musicians, but will the listener be able to identify with them? Will Terri and Chuck and the rest be opening up and sharing their lives the way a good, local morning show team does? Audiences want to connect with the people they wake up to.

Will this fly in NYC? I've never lived there but you can't fake being in a city like that. When the top NYC morning shows are talking about what's happening there - and there's a lot happening there!- will the Nashville hosts be able to sound local and relatable?

Michael Bryan said...

We're seeing some very nice early progess from The Bobby Bones Show after only 90 days on the air, with jumps in several demos.

May was a breakthrough month for WSIX; not only did we win the Country battle in every major demo with both persons and women (6+, 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54), we're also in the top five in all of those cells market-wide.

We're especially proud of [middayer] Amy Paige and [afternooner] The AntMan, who dominated their dayparts with big wins.