Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Country Fans & Republicans

  • “I’ve been a Republican all my life." - Phyllis Schlafly
  • "Raised on it/Grew up with it." - one of five of the 121 who named country as their preference of 805 18-64′s nationwide on WHY IS COUNTRY YOUR FAVORITE KIND OF MUSIC TO LISTEN TO ON RADIO? when questioned by Researcher Mark Kasoff
This poll came out yesterday just as news of the Faith and Freedom Coalition's "Road to the Majority Conference" chairman Ralph Reed calling on Republicans to learn how not "to preach to the choir," but rather make the message spread also hit my browser.

We've been hearing these comments on both our music and many of our core listeners' vaues for 30 years.

Maybe it's because 18-64 is too wide a swath to accurately reflect what Roadmap 2013 and rating trends across North American are documenting, but as Mike O'Malley said after seeing Kasoff's report "nothing about exciting new acts, nothing about how the format has evolved, nothing about the powerful younger demo growth?"

Fortunately, another new research study on country music partisans also just came out yesterday from the CMA:

The latest member-only research tracking the country music "Insider's Panel" by the Country Music Associations research department shows a young, active, well-educated group of country fans lead active, busy, youthful family oriented lives.

Top single-day family activities include going to the movies, attending a concert or music festival, and visiting family entertainment centers. 

To grow a country brand:  don't be like Republicans.

Be like Disneyland.

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Mark Kassof said...

Jaye, the 40-and-unders and the 41-64's are essentially identical in making "born and raised with it" the #1 reason for preferring country -- it's at 18% among the younger, 20% among the older.

None of this suggests the country is old/tired/traditional, whatever! If they don't volunteer "exciting new acts," etc. (and they don't) it doesn't mean they don't find them exciting. And, of course, younger listeners aren't going to cite "younger demo growth" as a reason for preferring country. (C'mon! Research is intended to get us out of the "industry bubble.")

I see nothing but positive when listeners say they were born and raised on country. It means it's a huge part of their lives and who they are! Not a bad thing...really. mk