Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wise Words

“You have to make sure you have the right people doing the right jobs and that the entire staff is on the same page. To quote a phrase from the great Woody Hayes, "You Win With People.”

“Visibility in the market for any of your personalities is essential and if you don’t have the marketing tools to tout the virtues of an imported show, syndicated show or even a live and local show, it can adversely affect the adaptor process.”

“Less experienced programmers have a tendency to look at music research and callout and place too much emphasis on songs at the top. Certainly the research helps guide us with what our customers like or want, but sometimes there’s an over reliance of playing those songs over and over. There are a lot of different factors that come into play and should be considered.”

“The sales department has identified the digital platform as a viable area for revenue growth and the onus is also on programming to make sure we’re delivering content and getting our content spread among the platforms, especially the unique content we generate through our personalities.”

-- Rob Morris, OM KDWB/KTLK & PD KDWB, Minneapolis
to FMQB's Fred Deane

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bob wood said...

Robbie is extremely passionate about his station and has posted some great numbers over and over. He's the real deal!