Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three Reasons Radio FAILS At Social Media

Long-time music and radio marketing whiz Beth Warren says that very few radio stations are using social media well.

Most aren’t using it at all.

In this economy and the state that terrestrial radio is in, you THINK they’d be all over it.. after all, more listeners = more ratings = more money. But they aren’t. They are either just not bothering or they are doing it poorly.

For three reasons (click to read her blog post on them):

1. Radio does not engage.
2. Radio doesn’t promote itself.
3. Radio vastly underestimates Social Media’s value.

Warren points out that of over 12 THOUSAND radio stations in the United States but only 121 of them are on Twitter. (


Buzz Jackson said...

Social media is about one-one-one human communication. Maybe there's 122 radio stations on twitter, but the number of air personalities on twitter dwarfs that number.

I think people want to interact with other people, not some corporate entity.

Buzz @ KIIM

Beth Warren said...

Buzz.. couldn't agree with you more.. unfortunately too many radio personalities (and musical artists for that matter) sign up for various social media sites and then let it lapse.. or worse yet, don't actually have a conversation with their followers or "friends"..

Geri Jarvis said...

Just had to tell you that today was one of the best days of my life. I had a career highlight. I was on the BBC's World Have Your Say. THIS is the link . and they are supposed to put it up soon as will we on our website.

I couldn't believe the caliber of talent, the producers were unbelievable. One producer for each guest. A host that was second to none....and a real live engineer talking to me. They kept me on for an additional hour. The discussions was gender equality...will it ever happen across the world. We talked to women and men in Iceland and Nicaragua, Africa and well you name was awesome.

I'm grateful for my radio background giving me the ability to stand up to an extremely tough panel.

Want to know how they found me? On Twitter! It's a small world.

Best Regards,

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