Monday, October 12, 2009

It's That "A Maze-Ing!" Season

Spotted on the internet: Maze 1 (easy): WOW Country 104.3
"The popular country radio station WOW country 104.3 sponsored us this year! So we cut our first maze to look like their logo. Inside the maze you will come across Mother Goose characters and the nursery rhymes to go with them. Find all the WOW logos in the maze and enter to win tickets to a Johnny Cash Tribute, an all ages event! It is directed towards younger children and those who would like a shorter maze experience."

Hats off to Peak Broadcasting/Boise for being the first I've seen. If you have some creative corn maze radio stunts appearing in your area right now, I'd love to see them.


Buzz Jackson said...

Old news - been doing that for probably 6 years at KIIM Tucson.

Also everyone who wins a prize on the station in October gets a free pumpkin courtesy of Buckelew Farm. Our lobby is full of 'em!

Details at!

Buzz at KIIM

Dan Matthews said...

Gotta tip the hat to Buzzy at KiiM... That's where we stole the idea from!