Thursday, July 03, 2008

If You're Going To Buy A Segment, Why Not Buy A Big One?

The new media cheerleaders are always worth reading, of course, since radio does such a great job driving new media usage, so I read with interest this Media Post item: Segment Driven Target Marketing Facilitated by Online Advertising.

Two thoughts:

1. Radio has been specializing in market segmentation forever.
2. Country radio reaches (40+ million adults across North America every single week, as I read BBM, Media Audit and Arbitron (Download Radio Today 2008 Edition) national data) a huge and affluent segment very efficiently.

Or, as SCBA Exec Director Mary Beth Garber puts it:
"Radio reaches 92 million more people each week than Google reaches in a month."

In fact, Radio reaches 44 million more people each week in the U.S. than the entire Internet reaches in a month. According to ComScore's May 2008 ratings, 143,389,000 people logged into Google in the month of May, and 190,858,000 logged onto the internet in the U.S.

According to Radar, Radio reaches more than 235 million listeners over the course of the week per the Radar ‘97 June 2008 Radio Listening Estimates.

Did you Radio today? Nearly all of your customers did.

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