Wednesday, July 09, 2008

When You Hear The Same Thing Twice

.. from two different people and in two different places, either the two of them have been talking to each other or you may have gone two-thirds of the way to triangulating the location of the truth:

Mark Ramsey:
"Why shouldn't we be moving listeners to websites that solve their problems, whatever they may be, and do so by leveraging our strong relationships - especially our strong local relationships - with audiences and advertisers, both."

Steve Marx
"Legacy media properties require a brand-extension Website in order to remain viable. Don’t hide your brand online—let it blossom proudly as your legacy property’s service bureau. And don’t stake your entire future on that brand-extension site—or believe you can maximize your online opportunities by running everything through a single portal: The Web is a place for boutiques, not department stores. Understand that the Web is a vast network of networks. Use network effects to build new, independent Web 2.0-based businesses. Build high-value, high-engagement, integrated marketing solutions for your current clients. Anticipate less revenue from intrusive advertising, and build advertising-on-demand businesses. Own the thinking, not the channel. Tomorrow’s invoice will be for expertise, not distribution."

.. and now that I have underscored the importance of this new thinking, that makes THREE!

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