Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Blog Every "Image-meister" Should Check

Thanks to Cat Country 98.7, Pensacola production whiz Paul Orr for calling it to my attention:
"I kind of hit a creative block with a couple other projects I was working on at the time, so I was looking for a way to try some new things, and also for a way to sort of develop a little more discipline in my composing life."

(From NPR) Today, composer David Morneau finishes off an ambitious year-long musical project. And to celebrate, he's doing the same thing he did every day for the past year. Morneau, a doctoral candidate in composition at The Ohio State University, has been writing (and posting online) one 60-second piece of music daily during the past 12 months.

Ask ANY writer: the only solution to a creative block is to just start writing. So, what did you create today to make your station's brand imaging more topical and fun? And, like Morneau (and Orr), what did you do to share it with other people?

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Paul Orr said...

Radio folks with especailly enjoy the link below to December 29. If for nothing else, to go and borrow the "thank you for listening" drop. :)

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Hey Paul,

Thanks for stopping by. If I'd found out about your project sooner I'd have made a little sample-based piece out of your sweepers. Oh well.

I did cannibalize some sweepers to make one piece late last year:


happy listening,