Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Was Speechless. Thank Goodness R&R's Kevin Carter Wasn't.

I can't top today's Street Talk item:

NAB’s Head Explodes, Film At 11
For its 1,000th issue, Entertainment Weekly compiled a ginormous list of the coolest stuff of the last 25 years — movies, TV shows, books, albums, etc. Imagine our surprise to also see a “tech” category featuring “the 25 innovations that changed entertainment” ... and congrats to our pals at Sirius and XM, who snagged primo placement at No. 9 under the title “Satellite-Radio Stations,” scoring even higher on the list than such huge culture-shaping inventions as MySpace, Netflix,, PlayStation 2 and the Game Boy.

Says EW: “Boasting countless ad-free, uncensored option, the tunes-and- talk outlets were a godsend for a society that demands anywhere, anytime entertainment.” Hark! That distant “boom!” you just heard....

.. so, I won't even TRY.

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