Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello, Wal-Mart. How Many Taylor Swift Albums Can I Buy?

Taylor Swift’s limited edition Wal-Mart exclusive release, Beautiful Eyes, will be released this Tuesday, July 15th.

The CD/DVD collection contains exclusive content never-before-released, but Taylor wanted to make sure her fans weren’t confusing this release with her sophomore album, set for release later this year. In a recent MySpace blog, Taylor notes:
“I wanted to let you know about this limited edition release that's coming out at Wal Mart called ‘Beautiful Eyes’. This is NOT my new album that I've been working on all year. It's a two disc set, one CD and one DVD. The CD has two previously unreleased songs, “Beautiful Eyes” and “I Heart ?” ( I wrote those songs when I was 13) as well as alternate versions of “Should've Said No”, and an acoustic version of “Teardrops On My Guitar”. The DVD has of all of my videos, the ACM Performance of “Should've Said No” (in the rain!) and a video created for “Beautiful Eyes” with footage from my 18th Birthday Party. I'm only letting my record company make a small amount of these - the last thing I want any of you to think is that we are putting out too many releases. I'm not going to be doing a bunch of promotion for it, because I don't want there to be confusion about whether it's the second album or not. I've gotten so many emails from people asking for new songs, and I thought this might tie them over till the new album comes out in the fall.”

-- John Zarling, Big Machine Records

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