Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Country's Stars .. Lookin' Out At A Sea Of Video Cameras

Remember the old days? When concerts would forbid sound recordings and cameras?

Those days are long gone.

Brent Lane of the Cat Pak Morning Show in Pensacola reports:
"We had Joshua Stevens (in the yellow shirt) in to play for the first time ever on Pensacola Beach. We had about 500 people show to see the show. He signed autographs for about 2 hours. Pensacola loves "Rock -n- Roll and Pensacola"
(click to see a video). Notice all the video cameras up front, taking photos of Stevens.

Meanwhile, I was at Pat Green's show last Friday at Seattle's Show Box Theatre and observed the same thing there. Half the fans in Pat's mosh pit first few rows no doubt went home with video of his amazing show.

Colin Lovequist
, MD and midday guy at 620 CKRM, Regina was at Craven (crowd photo) all last weekend and predicts that the announcement George Strait is next year's headliner no doubt means the '09 event will probably be 'sold out by Christmas.' What did he post on the CKRM website? Pictures. Many of them taken by listeners.

Halfway serious prediction: the day is going to come when the performers come out on stage with video cameras to take pictures of the audience as they put on the show. And, of course, they'll all expect to see it on your station website within hours of the experience.

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That is a fabulous idea! Why not??
Beverlee Brannigan