Monday, July 21, 2008

Cox Gets Aggressive In Louisville

Market watch alert: keep an eye on WAMZ and WRKA (check out their TV spot, not a new tactic for Cox, of course, but with Clear Channel redefining 'less is more' and reportedly adding units right now, the timing of this move is fascinating!) .. and an ear on both streams in the coming months.

Meanwhile, New Country - on its new, improved signal - is already starting to keep score.

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Tom Taylor said...

Cox creates a country/classic country combo in Louisville, with “Country Legends 103.9.”
The 5pm flip yesterday (posted at minutes after it happened) completes the extreme makeover of two FMs that began with last week's blowup of oldies on WRKA (103.1). That signal – newly upgraded from a Class A to a C2 – is now “New Country Q.” Cox GM Todd Schumacher had both it and WPTI (103.9) simulcasting for a week with the spruced-up country format. But you knew something would happen with 103.9, and this is it – a new playlist heavy on Willie and Dolly and Hank Jr. Former WRKA morning co-host Gary Clark will land in the morning show seat at “Country Legends.” And the whole strategy starts to look like what Cox does in Houston – throw both a country and classic country station at the incumbent, and do some slicing and dicing. In the case of Houston, Cox launched a pincer move on CBS Radio’s KILT-FM using country KKBQ-FM and classic country KTHT. In Louisville, the target is Clear Channel’s usually-in-double-digits WAMZ. Starting now, Cox just painted a bulls-eye on it.