Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Vacation Reply Made Me Cry

A&O emails daily prep ideas to all of our clients, and at this time of the year one of the prices we pay for that is a string of repetitive vacation replies, like...
Hi... I'm out of the office until Monday July 21st. I'll get back to you then.
-- Chris Coburn, Assistant Program Director/Afternoon Drive
New Country 93.7 JRfm Vancouver
I'm currently out of the office and will return Monday July 21st. If you're emailing on music we'll be freezing the playlist through July 28th, 2008.
-- Rick Taylor, MD-APD-Midday, KUPL, Portland
then, came this one from Kimo Jenson, afternoon guy at KSON, San Diego:
Sorry I'm out of the office till July 21 helping fight fires in Goleta.
have a great week

After reading that one, Kimo, you can be sure I will. I absolutely will... thanks to folks like you.

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