Sunday, July 13, 2008


1. Sebastian Bach, Irene Cara, Mikalah Gordon, Jermaine Jackson, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lorenzo Lamas, Sean Young and John Rich = the new cast of "Gone Country."

2. Bobby Brown, Carnie Wilson and Maureen McCormick = CMT is reuniting them for a second series, "Outsider's Inn," premiering on Friday, Aug. 15.

3. Laura & Sophie, Ashlee, Melissa, Coffey, Shawn and Gabe = the 'still active' contestants on NBC-TV's version of Nashville Star, hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus and fellow judges Jewel, Rich, and Jeffrey Steele. (and they wonder why the ratings have been so dismal?)

4. Laura Byrna, Joshua Stevens, David Nail, Emma Mae Jacob, Jason Brown, Jason Matthews, Trailor Choir, Jeff Bates, Steve Holy, Emily West, Lance Miller, Cody McCarver, Justin Moore, Eric Durrance, Roger Creager, Todd O'Neill, Last Light Band, Shooter Jennings, Cowboy Crush, Stoney Larue, Mulch Brothers, Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Brynn Marie, Randy Rogers, the Stickers, Corbin/Hanner, Ashley Gearing, Madison County, Dan Adams and Darren Kozelsky = the names of people being promoted to country radio and standing in line right now.

Listening today to the new tunes from this group of "who cares?, get the hook" calibre talent, I not only worry that country music radio's truly bankable superstar list is starting to look like an endangered species, but unfortunately we're going to continue to be bored by these, who fail to make it to even "B," let alone "A,"- list status, for the rest of our lives = thanks to reality cable TV and summertime "fill" programming on the major (?) networks.

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Buzz Jackson said...

Nashville Star is awful. I truly wish it was better.

Gone Country is more like a train wreck, but less entertaining.

Buzz @ KIIM