Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Beer For My Horses" Exclusive Movie Preview

... Thanks to A&O's buddy Neil Haislop, who attended the Hollywood showing: Image Toby Keith's Show Dog records just released the first single from the Beer For My Horses The Movie soundtrack including the track list for the rest of the album. They also released the video clip with Trailer Choir singing the single, "Off The HIllbilly Hook," plus several cool and funny scenes from the film.

The movie is a road trip comedy starring Keith and comedian Rodney Carrington as sheriff's deputies chasing a drug lord and kidnapper. Written by Keith and Carrington, the film also stars Claire Forlani (CSI: NY), guitar legend Ted Nugent, Barry Corbin, Greg Serano, with special appearances by country icon Willie Nelson and Golden Globe nominee Tom Skerritt.

Toby tells us that once he stepped back and looked at the cast of players they'd gathered, he felt right then that the project was going to be successful.
"To have all these characters, all these human beings from different parts of the world is amazing. Like Claire (Forlani) she knows nobody in country music, she didn't know me, she knew Johnny Cash and that's it. And, she lives in Hollywood and a very liberal person and then you have Ted Nugent over here on the other side, who thinks everybody should have a .50 Cal. machine gun over the portal to their home, and you've got every other thing in the middle of those extremes from musicians to Hollywood and they all get along fine on the set and come away finding everybody adorable was the kind of set we had," -- Toby Keith

To catch just some of the excitement of the Toby's film check out the video clip of the first single from the soundtrack album for "Beer For My Horses."

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