Friday, May 30, 2008

I Never Thought I'd Say I Was Glad Country Had A Weak Qualitative Profile In Something

.. but now I do. The country format's qualitative is generally something we're proud to tout to prospects. Whether you look at Media Audit, Scarborough or BBM RTS data, country radio listeners have great indexes, compared to average radio users, in household income, working women, vehicles in the driveway, tendency to own their home, active and involved family values attributes, travel, milk, beer, wine consumption, etc, etc ad infinitum. Just please don't ask about education level. That's a qualitative measure - number of years in school - where country normally doesn't do as well when compared to national averages.

Thank goodness!

No doubt the latest trend spotted by Edison Research President Larry Rosin will eventually catch up with US too, but it would be MY guess based on the above that we're going to be helped by it in the short term, before it ultimately takes a toll on us too, unless radio - country radio too of course - as a whole addresses the problem.

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