Saturday, May 10, 2008

From The "Stunts I Love" File

WedFM announced today that it will be having its premiere broadcast for a period of 4 days starting on May 14th until May 18th 2008. The radio station, broadcasting on 100.9 FM in the Greater Moncton area, will go on the air at 2:00PM.

100.9 WedFM will feature radio shows focusing on the bride and groom including a pre-recorded top 40 countdown hosted by the bride and the groom, brief Chinese language lessons, live coverage and interviews during the wedding ceremony, Chinese horoscopes and traditions and a live to air broadcast of the wedding party.

Increasing in popularity around the world, WedFM will be the first specialized limited duration wedding radio station to air in Canada. "We're very proud to share our happiness over the air on this very important day of our lives," said Serge Cormier, founder of WedFM.

"Hopefully, WedFM listeners will be able to share our happiness with us as well". Based on feedback, WedFM plans on offering its limited duration radio station service for other weddings and special events.

With a power of 50 Watts, the maximum allowed for a limited duration special event radio station, WedFM will cover the communities of Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview and immediate surrounding areas.

It this isn't a stunt to help launch a new radio station targeted to young women, it sure could be. If I had a station that was contemplating a change of format, I'd be looking for a couple to do this with .. and maybe even make a few bucks at the same time!

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