Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's Hot, Not?

Although government stimulus checks recently began arriving in mailboxes, climbing gas prices and a still unstable housing market continue to wreak havoc on consumers’ psyches as economic sentiment continues to decline…fewer than one in five (19.5%) contend they are confident/very confident in chances for a strong economy, down more than three points from April (23.0%), 25 points from May ’07 (44.7%) and a new low (for the rest of the above chart, click on Big Research's monthly consumer briefing)

With budgets stretched to their limits, it appears that consumers will be cooking up their own entertainment at home…backyard BBQ's are what’s hot this month…compact fluorescent light bulbs also glow with green consumers. And, while Iron Man raked in the buck$ opening weekend, it looks like it may get a run for its money when the fourth Indiana Jones installment releases…57.4% rated Indy hot, compared to 54.1% for the comic book superhero.

What's Not? 85% of consumers agree…this season’s gladiator sandals should have been left in Ancient Rome.

The National Retail Federation also reports that practicality is in, when it comes to spending tax rebate checks.

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