Friday, May 09, 2008

A Post From BCAB: Tod Maffin's Dynamic Future

When I saw that CBC’s National Technology Columnist Tod Maffin was speaking at the annual British Columbia Association Of Broadcasters convention Thursday afternoon I made a point of hussling to Harrison Hot Springs.

Of course, he's a powerful speaker, but what he has to SAY is also mighty vibrant too:
"We’ve all felt it. Emails that pile into our inbox like a teletype machine that never stops. A voicemail line that keeps filling up. A cell phone we’re afraid to turn on. This on-demand world has gotten a bit out of hand. Luckily, tools are beginning to emerge that can help us regain some control over our day.... when you start thinking about how you can make your own day easier — from reducing the chaos of your day and endless phone calls to getting a quick answer from a real human being about your network — you realize the future of on-demand business is, ironically, simplification."

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Allan said...

Did you say VIBRANT?
What he has to say is "vibrant"???
It reveals how phony your assessments are when you hype your friend Tod and then quote from one of his more trivial broadcast bits, one that says simply that we are all getting a lot of emails these days.
Wow. So vibrant.
And did you say he was a powerful speaker? As in like what?

This blog is obviously part of the phony side of things on the internet.