Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Uh Oh!"

Thanks to talent coach and consultant Doug Erickson of Englewood, Colorado (303.290.8839) and talk radio's Brian Wilson for ths link to Wired Magazine's report on internet TV,
along with these probes:

One less reason for your traffic reports, and the revenue they provide.

One less reason for news, if you carried any.

One more big reason for some kind of plan to upgrade your content ASAP.

And you thought your market was competitive already...!

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DGraupner@jonestm.com said...

Interesting story re: WiMax...which I agree will be huge. But a technology that's already here and getting ready to take off is two-way GPS. Your GPS system records where you are and how fast you are moving...constantly shoots the data to cell towers...where it's scooped-up by the system and combined with reports from similarly equipped cars. This data is then sent back to your GPS giving you real-time traffic from, theoretically, every car on the road.

If the system notices cars going from 60 to 0 up ahead, it warns you of an accident.

With this in your car...."traffic on the tens" sounds like a really long time to wait.

Slowly, many of these information benchmarks/cume builders are being stripped from radio. I can clearly remember 'clinging' to my radio (WABC) as a kid...in hopes of hearing that we were in store for a snow day.

Now my kid gets a text message from school....or checks the net.

Here's another question: How much money does Ford make from putting an AM/FM radio into a car? How much MORE money do they make from the sub fees for putting XM or Sirius in a car? How much MORE will they make when they control the WiMax internet desktop in your car? Just think...if YOU designed and built the desktop for the car...wouldn't you use that space and capabilities to make YOU money? Maybe Ford will offer their own radio stations.

One thing is for sure...it's a great time to be in the content business and a lousy time to be in the old media content delivery business.