Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Be Careful Out There

Gord Eno, PD of JRfm 93.7 Vancouver's New Country creates a "Weekly Jock Memo" email each Friday to communicate key issues for the next week to his full time and part time air staff and this week he included this timely reminder while encouraging all personalities to actively engage in social networking with listeners under the title "Keep Watch:"
'At the British columbia Association Of broadcasters convention a couple of weeks ago, one particular speaker left a fearsome impression. He is not an intimidating or ogerish presence evoking nightmares. Actually, he!s a very nice guy. Dan Burnett is a well known Vancouver media lawyer. At the conference he provided an update on current media legal issues and any new developments we should know. He cited the potential of libel and other nasty legally things with our websites. Open forums can be susceptible to nasty comments that can turn into lawsuits. He urged us to be sure that we don't fall victim to a poisonous posting. Our Facebook Discussion Board and Wall are places we have to keep an eye on. Fortunately, the nature of our business justiļ¬es visiting Facebook during our workday, so it is easy to monitor the comments added to those sections.'

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