Sunday, June 01, 2008

Something I Have Never Understood

Have you noticed the names of other country consultants listed in trade advertisements with the category move and/or research that consultant is recommending to their clients this week?

Why would they do that? Do you want your competition to know what A&O recommends nationally this week?

Our research on music is a national average of our clients' local research. Why would we want to share that info publically?

Thanks to AO's own "Mr. Integrity," Michael O'Malley, who invented our approach back when he started to consult on his own after leaving NBC Radio's WYNY, New York (which tells you that it was a long time ago), you have never seen Accu-Test (or, as it was originally called back when M O'M invented it, "Hot-Test") data or recommendations in any publication.

And, you won't, either. Which makes us wonder why every consultant doesn't feel the same way.

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