Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Faith Hill Returns To Sunday Night Football

After doing a great job last year singing for the Sunday Night Football games, Faith will return to that gig this year.
"I have been busy I'm going to promote the Christmas record and I'm going to go and do the Sunday Night Football thing again in a couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to that."

Neil Haislop reports: Faith loves her daughters and loves being a mother, but she also love taking a break to rehearse and perform on the stadium show during CMA Music festival.

"It was great being on stage out doors, we've been performing indoors for two years, so I do miss that. But, I'm a mom first that's what I really know, I take care of my kids but I was sharing with my friends coming down here, I kind of feel like I'm off tonight (laughs) so I'm really going to party hard on that stage tonight. I don't have my kids with me, I'm going to rock it because it's usually all about them so I kind of feel like I have an off night."

Other Haislop headlines and quotes today:


Because he was always on the losing team in during the Celebrity Apprentice show, including losing as a finalist he never won any money for his charity. But thanks to his fans and friends he's received over $300,000 dollars to fight food allergy problems.

"I never made a nickel on the show. Every time I was the project manager we lost, so I never won any money. But,since the show we've raised over 300,000 dollars. So it's just been unbelievable, it's succeeded and I could never have expected anything like that. It's coming from just people. I don't hardly do a meet n' greet anymore where somebody doesn't walk up to me and hand me a check and these are just regular people, coming out of their pockets and just handing me a check and some of them are huge."

ASKED ABOUT HIS FAVORITE 4TH OF JULY MEMORY, Trace said, "I set the pasture on fire behind our house; shot a bottle rocket off in the back yard and it landed in the pasture way back and we just kept shooting off bottle rockets and then happen to notice that the whole pasture on fire, it was real dry and I'll never forget that, I was like 14 when I did that."

CARRIE UNDERWOOD- reluctant to start headlining.

Carrie Underwood is enjoying her headliner status although she was a little reluctant to step on out front. Carrie says:
"I think I was the last one to come on board the whole headlining thing," says Carrie. "I lot of people said this is a good idea, we can sell this, people will come. And I said, 'Are you sure people will come?' It's just a lot of responsibility because I want everybody that comes to enjoy themselves so much and I want them to have so much fun. I just love going to concerts and wish I'd gone to more, I just know how they feel and I know what I would want to see and I just want everybody to have good time. And I want the guys that I know their wives drug them to the show, I want them to have good time too. I want everybody to get their money's worth."

Carrie has just added more tour dates to the end of the year...check the new schedule out below in Country On Tour.


Alan Jackson says the best part of his job is working on a new album and the occasional great times performing live, ''I've always said, as songwriter and making a new album is always something that doesn't get old because it's always a challenge that you don't always accomplish 100 percent, but any time you can write something different or better or make a new album, it's always fun to make new music."

Alan adds that the worst thing is, "It's not always great to be on the road and away from home, "But, then still you walk out on stage some nights and you feel good and the sounds good and the crowd's excited and it's still magical all those parts are still the best parts of the business...the music."

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