Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tip #1 From Fortune Magazine: Open Your Junk Mail

I learned a lesson today: Open all the mail you get because it could be something worth reading — even if you think it’s junk mail. I wouldn’t necessarily categorize mail from Fortune as junk, but in a subscription renewal notice today I got a small card that lists “3 Skills You Can Improve Right Now.”

It could have been written by a radio talent coach for air personalities:

Public Speaking: Conquer fear with a game plan

  • Podiums disconnect you from the audience. Grab the mic and wander the stage.
  • Eye contact is your friend. Looking at people one by one shrinks the room.
  • Questions. If you’re stumped, talk about your team. “We’re lucky to have an expert on that, I’ll get you in touch with him later.”
Negotiating Skills: Using the right phrases matters
  • How did you come up with that number? Opens a window into the other side’s thoughts.
  • Let me check with my wife. Or husband, or boss. Stops you from saying yes prematurely.
  • If things change, give me a call. Put the burden on them.

Memory Skills: Never confuse Don with John again

  • Introduce yourself first so you can focus on the other person
  • Connect the name to your brain. When you meet a guy named Bill, think of other Bills you know.
  • Use the name three times. Once to confirm you have the name right, then in mid-conversation, and again when you say good-bye.
I was all set to write an article on the full implications of this advice, when I discovered that Melanie Holmes of Manpower North America had done the work for me on her blog.

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