Saturday, June 07, 2008

"They" Know Exactly Where You Are

.. and, frankly, it's not all that interesting! (Globe & Mail writer Maggie Fox - study confirms we are creatures of habit): Most of us go to work, to school and back home in surprisingly predictable patterns, something the researchers said would be useful in city planning and preparing for emergencies.

“Despite the diversity of their travel history, humans follow simple reproducible patterns,” Albert-Laszlo Barabasi of Northeastern University in Boston and colleagues wrote in their report, published in the journal Nature.

... which reminds me of this radio marketing basic: figure out where the majority of your listeners live, rank those postal codes in order of their percentage of the total population of your metro area and make a vow to be seen by the average resident of those places at least once every day. Saturate the top ten, and only once you've done that go to the next ten, etc.

Key neighborhood spots with the highest possibility of regular visibility: the freeway on ramp from the residential area to where most people who live there work, the strip mall with the most popular convenience store, and the local grocery store.

Of course, of you have a marketing budget, it pays to direct market to those homes and also to have strategic or tactical outdoor posted, if possible. But, meanwhile...

* Are your station vehicles parked in the station parking lot or driving around one of those neighborhoods right now?

*How recently have your personalities done stunts to support local community causes and needs in those places?

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