Friday, June 27, 2008

New Technology Speeds The Pace Of Tactical Innovations As The Marketplace Puts Its Foot On The Gas Pedal, Steers The Vehicle

The U.S. Digital Radio (DBS) standard was announced in 1997 and eleven years later more than two thirds of American radio listeners still have not even listened to it.

During that same time, ISDN made better quality remote broadcasts affordable again. Every control room got a digital phone editor. The number of RDS-equipped stations has grown and listeners love seeing the title and artist of songs on their radios. Every control room has several computers these days.. if not more than 'several.'

Internet in vehicles, with the news Friday that Chrysler is going Wi-Fi in next year's models, finally offers the more-or-less-immediate promise of Nicholas Negropante's "Things That Think" concept (from the book "Being Digital" which is also more than a decade old now).

Meanwhile, we in radio blame the record labels for dragging their feet on embracing new technologies, changing their financial models? Are we really doing any better on that score?

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